Question: How do I get paid and how often do I get paid?
Answer: We use CCBill as our credit card processor. They send the money directly to you, either by check or wire, and the payments are sent once a week.
Question: How much do I get paid and do I pay for any processing charges?
Answer: We pay all our affiliates using revenue share. You are paid 50% of all sales that you make and also 50% of all rebills for the life of that sale. There are no processing charges for you to pay whatsoever on any sale or rebill.
Question: Do I have to sign up with ccbill for each individual site I want to promote?
Answer: No, you don't. Once you have signed up you will receive an email from CCBill which will contain your affiliate ID number. You can use this ID number to promote any or all our sites using the link codes or the free hosted galleries.
Question: Why should I promote Melons Cash sites?
Answer: Good question and the easiest answer is that they convert surfers into members and make you money! Give us a try and check out of conversion rates for yourself. We produce are own content which we specifically shoot to a style which sells well in the big tits market. We also liaise heavily with our paysite members so we can film specifically requested girls doing whatever our members would like them to, which keeps them happy and keeps those rebills coming in.
Question: Do your sites only convert with big tits traffic?
Answer: Not at all. From our affiliates we've seen great sales from big tits, British, European, plumper/chubby/fat, babe, stocking/lingerie, HD and general hardcore traffic to name but a few of the niches which promote our sites
Question: I need something else to promote your sites which you currently aren't offering
Answer: Use the details on the support page to contact us and we will supply you with anything you need
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